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Contextual Maintenance Data

DATTUS uses machine data trends to alert users before anomalies become downtime.

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Quality Aggregated Information

Visual dashboards help to track and find the conditions that lead to product defects.

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Real-Time Efficiency Tracking

Uncover the inputs and outputs that lead to a more well-oiled facility or production line.

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How DATTUS works


DATTUS is the “last mile” of connection between your physical machines and your digital dashboard of manufacturing information. Our platform works with hundreds of sensors to ensure we can collect your factory’s valuable data.

  • DATTUS is installed quickly thanks to its ability to easily connect to many different protocols.
  • It’s not just machine data. DATTUS integrates with existing data sources from PLCs and VFDs.
  • To give a more clear picture of machine health, DATTUS measures multiple data streams per machine.


Once collected, DATTUS empowers factories with their data displayed in an easy-to-understand dashboard. This dashboard is a central location that engineers and managers can use to reference the health of their factory floor.

  • DATTUS helps to quickly identify when machines are out of range and need attention.
  • Custom alerts assist in bringing engineer attention when certain thresholds are crossed.
  • Shorten the time it takes to react by quickly identifying and diagnosing machine issues.


To help make sense of all that data, DATTUS is built on a unique analytics engine that helps to provide context behind the data. We help factories understand the “why” behind their machine health, so they can do something about it.

  • DATTUS’ automated reports cut down on the time it takes to understand why an alert was triggered.
  • Comparing multiple data sets against each other helps to uncover machine insights that were previously hidden.
  • With this new information, engineers and managers can predict the ways that their factories will act moving forward.

Take Action

Empowered by real-time data streams and insights provided by DATTUS, facility managers can tweak the unique factors that lead to increased production and decreased costs.

  • Monitoring machine uptime can help plant managers understand how to reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Real-time maintenance data shortens the time needed to diagnose an issue with a critical asset.
  • Facilities can offer more production transparency with customers by tracking data through the process.

Plug and Play

Machine downtime is costly. DATTUS customers often have access to their machine data within hours instead of the weeks that other systems require. The sooner DATTUS is providing insights into your factory floor, the sooner you can put it to good use.

Client Stories

"I like DATTUS because of the flexibility it has working with multiple types of data sources. The DATTUS system can utilize existing hardware investments already made as well as integrating new sensors which helps roll it out quickly."

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