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What Makes Us Different

Unmatched Versatility in Data Collection

We created a unique data-ingestion framework that works with all data types, ensures the reliability of data collection, and securely collects and authenticates data. This means it is much faster to implement, and easier to support / maintain.

Ubiquitous Compatibility

DATTUS can work with all major cloud platforms, such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, or run off a client's own internal infrastructure. Our platforms collect data from PLCs, industry protocols like MT Connect, and popular ERPs like Salesforce and SAP.

Unique Data-Analytics Engine

We created a unique data analytics engine that automates and optimizes the real-time processing of a multi-dimensional data stream (time-series data, event data, log data, etc.). This delivers real-time analytics and data forecasting capabilities without the 'heavy lifting' and skyrocketing server calls ($$$s).

Unparalleled Flexibility

The architecture behind the DATTUS IoT platform is capable of being installed on virtually any existing infrastructure. It can be hosted internally or run from the cloud. While no programming is required to run, custom proprietary layers can be added on top of the platform.

Uncomplicated Installation

Finally, all of this is packaged into an 'out-of-the-box' implementation that can be set up in under an hour (versus customers having to write multiple services, integrations, and protocol). This addresses the market's need to simplify cost and reduce complexity of IIoT implementation.