New Partnership with Miller-Eads Brings Data Analytics to Manufacturers

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DATTUS  is pleased to announce a new partnership with Miller-Eads, a fully licensed, bonded electrical contractor serving the Midwest.

Miller-Eads has built an unparalleled reputation during their 48+ years in business. They serve a diverse variety of clients and over the years have successfully completed thousands of projects of every size and scope, ranging from commercial, industrial, institutional, and utility electrical construction.

By working with DATTUS, Miller-Eads is continuing its focus on emerging technologies and meeting the demands of the manufacturing industry. They believe that DATTUS is an ideal solution for easily viewing the health of any machine in real time and that the DATTUS solution can provide value to both the shop floor and C-suite executives simultaneously.

“I’m excited about this partnership because DATTUS provides manufacturers an at-a-glance view of the health of their entire facility.” said Charlie Hendrixson, Miller-Eads Director of Automation.

DATTUS is equally thrilled about this new venture, as they will be able to capitalize on Miller-Eads’ expertise and insight to connect and complement current infrastructures to communicate with the DATTUS system.

“Miller-Eads brings decades of experience in installation and integration with current manufacturing facilities and software like SCADA and HMI,” said DATTUS CEO Anurag Garg. “Miller-Eads will ensure that manufacturers get the full value of DATTUS.”

DATTUS brings mobile-ready usability and customization to industrial performance monitoring for an entire facility. By giving companies tools and support, DATTUS enables predictive maintenance, real-time condition monitoring, and operational intelligence that is accessible from any device.

Thanks to this new partnership, Miller-Eads and DATTUS will be united in their shared goal of launching powerful capabilities for customers, who will then be able to integrate valuable data from their machines into their existing platforms.

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