It’s not unusual for manufacturers today to continue to rely on machines and software designed nearly three decades ago. We set out to build out a modern software platform that addresses major issues and roadblocks that are still facing the manufacturing industry today.

Case Studies

Improving Efficiencies at Mining Operations

Driving Insights on Equipment Maintenance

Machine OEM Growth and Customer Engagement


DATTUS is the bridge between you and your machines. When paired with the right sensor, you can bring almost any data stream into the industrial internet of things.

Simple Installation

DATTUS’ minimal set-up time simplifies cost and complexity of an otherwise costly IIoT implementation, giving customers back their time and money to put into other projects.

Unprecedented Compatibility

Our platform collects data from PLCs, VFDs, industry protocols like MTConnect, and popular ERPs like Salesforce and SAP, bringing an unprecedented level of contextual information to our customers.


      DATTUS brings complete data transparency of your entire operation to your fingertips—whether it’s shop-floor visibility, real-time production figures, or machine maintenance data.

      Facility Dashboard

      The DATTUS Portal brings together every data stream critical to your facility in one place, making it easy to see what’s going on at a glance. Events, alerts, and reports for your entire facility are available in one accessible portal.

      Data Drill-Down

      Quickly browse your facility’s status or drill-down into a specific machine based on custom color codes, rules, and ranges. Transition from an overall view of facility efficiency to specific data in just a few clicks.


      DATTUS uses your data streams for number crunching to provide insights that you can use to make an impact on the overall efficiency of your production and facility at large.

      Customized Reporting

      Out-of-the-box, there are dozens of reports that can be generated to help lend insights into a facility floor. However, these reports can also be customized to provide even more information toward how to optimize things further.

      Comparative Graphs

      When measuring multiple data streams on a single machine, DATTUS can compare two different data sets to help reveal deeper information on that machine or sensor’s use and utilization.

        Data Accessibility,
        Wherever You Need It

        DATTUS is built for today’s technology. Our mobile-ready user interface helps you stay up-to-date with real-time facility information on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.