Showing Off DATTUS 3

Showing Off DATTUS 3.0 at the OnRamp Manufacturing Conference

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A big thank you to Gener8tor and OnRamp for their hospitality during the 2017 OnRamp Manufacturing Conference. We enjoyed having great discussions about the future of manufacturing and IoT with some really great people from around the industry, showing off the new DATTUS 3.0 UI update, catching up with friends, and meeting many exciting new people and businesses!

DATTUS CEO, Anurag Garg, led a panel on “The Future of Manufacturing: Where We Are Going & How To Get There” with Michael Robinson of Endress+Hauser, Mahesh Patel of US Cellular, and Martin Buena Franco of Rockwell Automation to talk about some of the challenges and changes approaching the manufacturing industry over the next decade and how they plan to tackle them.
With so many years of experience on stage, the panel covered a range of topics from the role that data collaboration in the manufacturing industry to best practices for companies looking to get the most use out of the data they are already collecting. The overall theme was undoubtedly: change is coming, and companies that are best prepared to adapt will thrive in the next few years.
dattus onramp panel
Later, Anurag and Simon Wright from Miller-Eads held a fireside chat discussing the hype around Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) versus the reality of it. They talked about the pitfalls of trying to jumpstart IIoT in manufacturing and the promise of implementing a sustainable data strategy. We recorded the chat so you can catch up on their in-depth discussion.

In addition to talking about the craziest IIoT solutions they had seen, Anurag and Simon talked for nearly half an hour on the valley between the hype surrounding IoT and the reality of it.
"You have to make these systems easy to deploy," Simon said. "In an industrial operation, no one has 3, 4, 5, or 6 weeks to dedicate to this technology. Resources are very finite." The theme of the chat continually returned to the idea that even though the media hypes up certain applications of the IoT industry, there's still a long way to before the unrealistic expectations built around hype are broken down.

Finally, we got to show off our new UI to the famous Milwaukee Sausage Racers. It seems pretty safe to assume that if a giant walking sausage can use DATTUS, anyone can!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by. The next conference that you’ll see the DATTUS team is the upcoming C&E Industrial Automation Tradeshow on November 9th in Perrysburg, Ohio.

If you’d like to see how the DATTUS IIoT solution can help your organization, click here to click here to reserve your spot and come see us! If you can’t wait that long, schedule a live demo of DATTUS anytime. Sign up today.


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