DATTUS Adds LTE Capabilities to Product Solutions

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DATTUS is now using Verizon’s LTE wireless connectivity to improve its product services

We are excited to announce that we have added 4G LTE connectivity to its suite of machine-monitoring technologies, leveraging Verizon’s networks.

DATTUS helps industrial facilities become and stay more competitive by delivering technologies that allow them to collect and leverage machine data—helping eliminate unplanned downtime, maximize production and operational efficiencies, improve safety, and ensure compliance with environmental regulation.

Increasing the Value of DATTUS Products and Services

Prior to this, DATTUS relied on customers’ existing wired or wireless IT network. Using Verizon’s LTE connectivity now allows DATTUS to extend operations into facilities where local network connections may not exist—including equipment in remote and outdoor environments.

“We’re excited to utilize Verizon’s network because this gives our customers additional connectivity options and extends our reach to a much broader set of facilities and machinery,” said John Wagner, Director of Sales at DATTUS.

Rapid Deployment and Low Overhead


This new capability also simplifies commissioning and setup of DATTUS’ platform solutions by providing a truly plug-and-play network for data transmission from the field. Furthermore, by keeping DATTUS solutions off of customers’ IT infrastructures and relying on Verizon’s Wireless Private Network instead, DATTUS eliminates any security risk to its customers’ networks.

“This new capability furthers our efforts to simplify the adoption of data-driven technologies in the industrial domain, while simultaneously staying true to our commitment to data security,” said Anurag Garg, CEO of DATTUS.

Standing Above the Competition

Together, Verizon and DATTUS will add unmatched value to customers, saving millions of dollars annually by enabling data-driven decision making to maximize operational efficiencies and drive growth.

Call us today to schedule a free demonstration of DATTUS’ platform and capabilities!

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