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Educating Tomorrow’s Engineers and Astronauts at Manufacturing Day

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Surrounded by other great organizations and businesses like Cardinal Manufacturing, 3rd Dimension Industrial, and NASA, the DATTUS team was excited to be in attendance at Manufacturing Day hosted by Major Tool and Machine.

Overall, most of the attendees were students from the surrounding Indiana schools that had some sort of interest in engineering, manufacturing, or robotics. The team had a great time talking to these students and giving them a different angle in which they could approach the manufacturing industry. Many kids were surprised and excited that they could join this ecosystem even if they didn’t plan on becoming a technical engineer. (By the way, we’re always looking for interns, check out our careers page for more information!)

For as many students and teachers we wowed with the DATTUS software, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly NASA’s presence in the building. In addition to having multiple examples and demonstrations about the upcoming ORION mission that plans to go to Mars, former astronaut Brian Duffy spoke to everyone in attendance about the massive engineering effort it took to get his team into space for a mission with the International Space Station. The room was captivated.

In addition to all the students in the building, we were happy to have a few business conversations with interested employees of manufacturing companies who were impressed by our live demonstration of how DATTUS can capture all sorts of information. Their use cases became clear when we were able to show the amount of data that can be captured in real-time through a suite of different sensors. There was no attendee that didn’t enjoy shaking our test sensor up and down to see the graph populate in real time.

It was a great day to see how excited Indiana’s students were about the future of the manufacturing industry and we were glad to be one of the companies there to share insights into what factories and plants might look like when they’re ready to run their own shop floors.

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